The app for running kids clubs.

Get paid

Raise invoices with a few taps.

Parents can see clearly what they owe and pay directly from the app.

Joyzo™ will chase outstanding fees automatically.

Go paperless

Emergency contact forms, permission slips, coach seat requirements, dietary needs, you name it.

Joyzo™ will get parents to complete your forms, store the data securely, and tabulate the results for you.

Your store

Sell your clothing, event tickets and merchandise directly to parents.

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What kind of club are you running?

Joyzo™ for Arts and Crafts Clubs

Joyzo™ for Dance Crews and Dance Academies

Joyzo™ for Drama and Theatre Academies

Joyzo™ for Football Clubs

Joyzo™ for Gymnastics Clubs

Joyzo™ for Preschool Clubs

Joyzo™ for Martial Arts Academies

Joyzo™ for Orchestras, Bands, Choirs and Music Teachers

Joyzo™ for Nature Clubs

Joyzo™ for Science and Technology Clubs

Joyzo™ for Sports Clubs

Joyzo™ for Kids Clubs

An App for the parents

Parents download the Joyzo™ App to see upcoming classes and any fees that are due.

They can pay using the app too, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

They can then place clothing orders, complete outstanding paperwork or order tickets for your events.

Raise invoices easily

You can raise one-off invoices or you can create invoices for all the kids in one class.

The Joyzo™ App will let you know who has and hasn't paid as kids check-in.

Track your payments

Parents will automatically get reminders as payments are coming up and more notices if they are overdue.

You can add late fees automatically too.

Management reports

View a breakdown of revenue by class and time to identify your best performing sessions.

Perform "what-if" analysis to experiment with pricing to make the best use of your teaching time.

Key info at lesson time

Such as birthdays and membership anniversaries and quickly identify anyone with outstanding fees.

Keep parents informed

Send a message to a group of parents and they'll get a notification directly on their phone.

Parents can respond but only you can message the whole group.

Pass on expenses to parents

Log expenses like books, grading fees, coach hire, etc, so parents can pay what they owe.

Sell more club clothing

Whether it's grade 5 tap shoes or crisp white trainers, parents order your clothing through the App.

Parents can order team shirts, hoodies and other kit you sell directly through the App.

Parents order uniform through the App.

Parents are guided through the order process to capture any required options like size, colour or even the name to be printed on the back!

Orders are then consolidated together for you to pass on to your clothing supplier.

Showcase your big events

Parents can see the big event in the Joyzo™ App and can add it to their regular calendar.

You can also build packages that include rehearsal times, event clothing and the big day.

Sell tickets

Students and parents can order digital tickets and use their smartphone as proof on the day of the event.

You can keep track of sales and optionally limit ticket numbers for seated events.

Schedule one-2-ones

Parents can book their kids into one-2-one sessions directly through the App.

Stay compliant

The App will remind parents to update their emergency contact details every year.

The details will be stored securely on your phone, so you'll always have access to them.

Take registers

Use a single-tap to register each student into your class.

Digitize your paperwork

Design a form in Joyzo™, defining the data fields you want, and send it to parents.

You can view the results in an Excel-style table.

Sell event merchandise

Offer DVDs, videos and digital pictures for sale inside the App for parents to buy.

Parents without a smartphone?

No problem.

We'll also deliver your messages and invoices via email, Facebook and/or Twitter.

Do you run a kids club?
Want access to the Early Adopters Programme?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joyzo™?

Joyzo™ is an App for connecting club leaders with parents and students.

It makes it easy for club leaders to collect class fees, handle clothing orders, communicate venue changes, advertise club events and so much more.

How much does Joyzo™ cost?

We're working hard to make the platform as affordable as possible whether you have 1 student or 1000. We'll post definitive pricing soon.

In the meantime, we can give you indicative pricing if you contact us using the Contact Form or by emailing us at

Let us know how many students you work with and how many weeks of the year you're operational.

How do I connect parents?

You begin by importing your class lists from an Excel file. Or you can just type them in.

We'll generate an access code for each child for you to hand out.

Parents then setup their own Joyzo™ account and add their kids using the access code.

What's the Early Adopters Programme?

The early adopters programme is a discounted scheme that gives clubs full access to the platform, at a heavily discounted rate, in return for feedback.

How do I sign up?

We're building the product right now, working with clubs to ensure we build an App that meets the unique needs of kids clubs.

If you're running a club and would like to get access to the platform early we'd love to hear from you. Please use the Contact Form or email us at