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Hello there

I live in sunny Bournemouth with my family. My wife Catherine is smart, kind and supportive and because of my exploits regularly forced to roll her eyes. Our kids, Reece and Jenna, ensure our house is never too quiet unless we're all in a snuggled heap for movie night.

I work with a range of companies to assist with their IT systems/software development projects on a consultation basis. I am also the Director of Development for ZONR, providing IoT kit to UK social housing organisations.

Things I do


I started programming when my Dad purchased an Amstrad CPC 6128. I copied listings from the manual into the computer and Dad would then fix it for me - he's still my hero! I've written software professionally since 2001 working on financial and mobile systems.


For the last few years I've been interested in game development. I've created many prototypes in a variety of engines and learnt a lot along the way. I'm now working hard on a platformer/fighting game that puts all that studying to good use.


After a tricky time at High School in my late teens I discovered music was good therapy. I would escape into the music room and hammer at the piano with very limited skill but inexhaustable enthusiasm. I now play the drums too and enjoy singing, also with very limited skill.

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